Report on the work of the Committee for archaeometric research in the structure of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists (2023)

The Committee was established in 2021 and the composition and structure of the Committee has been established since mid-2022. In 2023, a new person joined the work of the Committee: Dr. Eng. Artur Ginter from Łódź. Currently, the Committee consists of 7 people and a 3-person Team of Committee Experts, bringing together people associated with the Committee who are not members of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists. The Committee mediates between people and units conducting work in the field of archeology (e.g. museums or PhD students from various universities) and teams prepared e.g. to perform chemical analyses. In 2023, the Committee’s website was prepared: irga.web.amu.edu.pl/en/snap-commitee. The website contains information about the Committee, and its most important part is the systematically updated database of archaeometric information. The “Projects” database presents ongoing work in the field of archaeometric research (currently 24 items), collected in terms of the materials studied (currently 15 thematic areas). The “Research” database contains information on research techniques (currently 23 anatools) available to archaeologists through the Committee. In the near future, we see the greatest meaning of the Committee’s activitiesin collecting information about the tools available for archaeometric work and solving interpretative or cognitive problems.