Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists (SNAP)

About committee

The Committee for Archaeometric Research has been operating since 2021 as a permanent commission within the structure of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists. The initiator of the creation of the Committee and its Chairman is Prof. Dr. Przemysław Niedzielski from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The essence of the Committee’s work is to coordinate and conduct archaeometric work, including teaching and popularization activities, using tools of archaeological sciences and exact and natural sciences for research in the field of learning and reconstructing the socio-cultural past of man. Archaeometric research, although conducted for many decades, is becoming increasingly important in archaeology. They enable the use of interdisciplinary research tools in archaeological research, allowing for the expansion of the cognitive horizon and interpretation possibilities. The essence of this research is the creation of teams of specialists representing many fields of science, which allows the formulation of research hypotheses that can be tested using a variety of advanced cognitive tools.

The Committee for Archaeometric Research brings together members of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists interested in promoting archaeometric research.The Committee also includes persons who are not members of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists, forming the Committee’s Expert Team.

Members of the Committee

since 2022

Magdalena Piotrowska, Milena Danielewska-Teska, Marcin Bohr, Michał Krueger, Andrzej Michałowski, Przemysław Niedzielski

since 2023

Artur Ginter

Members of the Committee’s Expert Team

since 2022

Karolina Kot-Legieć, Lidia Kozak, Jędrzej Proch